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Cuvvy® Play Mat Cover- Summer Palms/Paradise Rd

Cuvvy® Play Mat Cover- Summer Palms/Paradise Rd

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Cuvvy's are padded play mat covers, exclusive to Softly Summer. Our Cuvvy play mat covers are an innovative design we came up with when we were looking for ways to recycle old play mats, we had already discovered the incredible durability of our new water based vegan leather play mats, so we put two and two together and Cuvvy play mat covers were born! As we know TPU padded play mats are gorgeous and amazing but sometimes (like all things) life happens and they get damaged, worn or maybe you just feel like having a change! 

Cuvvy play mat cover's allow us to recycle our well loved play mats, giving them an even longer and more beautiful life. 


Cuvvy ~ Padded Play Mat Covers 

  • Registered Design®
  • Play Mat Cover Design Exclusive to Softly Summer Pty Ltd
  • Designed to cover existing large, padded play mats- 200 x 140cm & 1.5cm width
  • Looking after our planet - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ♻️ 🌱

Cuvvy® play mat covers are for-  

🌱 Anyone who likes to change up their decor on a regular basis.

♻️ Well loved, tired padded play mats that need a calm sanctuary to retire in.

🌱 ‘Decorated’ play mats (kids found the permanent markers!).

♻️ Holey play mats- furry friends have chewed, scratched, or pierced 🐾.

🌱 Discoloured play mats- from age, harsh cleaning products or too much sun.

♻️ Mouldy play mats*- from being stored or left wet or damp for too long.


Side 1- Summer Palms; Colour- Neutral Beige with a linen texture

Side 2- Paradise Road; Colour- Apricot 


🌴 Made from Premium SGS certified water based Vegan/Faux Leather 

🌴 Reversible designs 

🌴 Durable & Pet friendly 🐾

🌴 Non-Toxic & Eco friendly

🌴 Child safety zipper down one side (open with a paper clip) 

🌴 Beautiful exclusive designs     


Care Guide

🌴 Waterproof vegan leather for easy clean- simply shake off & wipe with a cloth

🌴 Lay flat in the sun to help release wrinkles, wrinkles will relax with time & use.

🌴 Vacuuming not recommended (lowest suction is usually okay, test first-carefully) 

🌴 Do not Iron Leather outer- the heat will melt the leather!

🌴 Can Iron the inner lining-carefully with medium heat. Flip cover inside out, use an ironing board to seperate the two sides. DO NOT IRON OUTER LEATHER LAYER!

🌴 Do not submerge or hose down- Zip & stitching are NOT waterproof

🌴 If the play mat cover becomes wet inside- DRY 100% before use

🌴 Play Mat must be 100% dry before going inside the Cuvvy

🌴 Avoid harsh cleaners

🌴 Avoid permanent markers, acrylic paint, ball point pens & scissors

🌴 Play, have fun, and smother with love   




*Mould requires moisture, warmth, and time to grow. Dry play mats cannot grow mould. Ensure any mould spots on the play mat are treated, rinsed with fresh water, and thoroughly dried before putting inside the Cuvvy -play mat cover. Top Tip-Regular white distilled vinegar kills mould naturally.

Please Note- treating mould can discolour TPU padded play mats- However this should be okay because you’re going to cover it with a Cuvvy Play Mat Cover. 

Please be aware- Softly Summer Pty Ltd is not liable for mouldy play mats or mouldy play mat covers.

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