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Daydreamer Pillow Mat Lounger ~ Vegan Leather

Daydreamer Pillow Mat Lounger ~ Vegan Leather

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Daydreamer Pillow Mat Loungers are designed for all ages; to encourage 'slow living'; lazing, lounging and relaxing. They're the ultimate in comfort, luxury & good times for the whole family.

Daydreamer Pillow Mats are soft, smooth and oh so comfy. Simply stuff the premium vegan leather cover with pillows and happily recline into whatever shape is comfortable for you. 

Daydreamer pillow mats were also made with FUN in mind! Making cubbies, building forts, watching movies and playing about in the lounge; playroom, next to the pool or at the beach. They're perfect for sleep overs, movie nights, caravans, camping trips and adventures. 


Please Note- When purchasing a Daydreamer Pillow Mat you are purchasing the COVER ONLY-

Fill with 4 standard size pillows of your choice~ firm, full and fluffy are best (also great for recycling old pillows).

Fun Fact- Did you know that Silicon leather is derived from natural silica, the constituent of sand. And is naturally uv resistant, taking our love affair with the beach NEXT LEVEL! 

PLEASE NOTE- like sand, Silicone based vegan leather gets hot in the sun, so when using at the beach or by the pool we recommend covering with a towel or sitting in the shade.

Daydreamer Pillow Mats are made in the same colours as our Island bean bags, with the addition of Sunny Cream, making them perfect partners.

Size- 196cm x 66cm

Pillow Pocket Size- 49cm x 65

- water and stain resistant

- uv resistant 

- non toxic 

- pet friendly 

- eco friendly & recyclable 

- easy clean- simply wipe with a soapy cloth or baby wipe

- faux leather ~ no animals harmed in the making


- pillow mats are not intended for newborn babies to sleep on 

- do not submerge in water; our vegan leather is waterproof but the stitching is not


Care Guide

- wipe clean with a wet soapy cloth or baby wipe

- avoid sharp objects

- avoid permanent markers

- Do not iron, bleach, machine wash, dry clean or tumble dry 

- Do not use harsh chemical cleaning agents


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