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Softly Summer

Paradise Road -Vegan Leather Play Mat

Paradise Road -Vegan Leather Play Mat

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Say HELLO to our Paradise Road Play Mat~ our double sided Vegan Leather road map play mat ~ 

A beautiful collaboration- 🤍 Little Peach and Pip (art prints & cushions) + Softly Summer(play mats) + Minnie and Me Interiors (wallpaper & decals) 

Our Paradise road play mat is a gorgeous kids road map play mat, designed to inspire little imaginations, with mystical mermaids, cool as kombi's, retro campers, surfboards, beach huts & of course palm trees. 

This cutie has been designed as a take anywhere invitation to play. They're the perfect size to use with our padded play mats, or on their own. And oh so easy for the kids to pull out and use wherever their imaginations may take them.

This play mat is also amazing for messy play, and as a splat mat under a highchair or kids table, it's also brilliant at protecting carpet and beautiful rugs in your home.

This play mat is versatile; reversible, waterproof, wipe clean, non toxic and eco friendly. Paradise Road is a play mat; picnic mat, mess mat, beach mat and basically everything mat! 

Please Note- this play mat is not padded or cushioned 


Made from -  Solvent free, Water- based non toxic PU (Polyurethane) Vegan Leather

Size- 100cm x 120cm

Available in two colours- Apricot & Mint

Side one- Paradise Road - original artwork by Little Peach and Pip

Side two- Neutral Grey (no print)


Care ~ Hang to release creases. Wipe clean with a wet cloth or baby wipe. Dry thoroughly before putting away. Paradise Road is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. It is not meant for prolonged periods in the sun or rain. Please bring inside when not in use and dry thoroughly before storing. Do not iron, machine wash or put in a clothes dryer.  Avoid permanent markers and similar products that may stain or permanently mark the leather.  Do not use harsh chemicals or scrub the print.

PLEASE NOTE- Vegan Leather does crease, creases will relax over time with use, but will reappear if the mat is folded to store. Creases are a characteristic of the product and not a fault. Learn to love your creases 🤍 (we all have them 😆... lol )

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