The Big Softy ~ Round Cushioned Baby Play Mat- Vegan Leather

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Our Big Softy Round cushioned baby play mat is a luxurious play mat boasting a silky smooth Vegan leather cover with a soft & squishy natural latex rubber insert; making it a cushy, snuggly, buttery soft padded play mat, that has to be felt to be believed.

Our Big Softy cushioned baby play mats easily fold up and can be secured with their own leather belt, making them super easy to transport. This beauty has been designed to go everywhere; indoors and outdoors. Our cushioned baby play mats make an excellent partner for our Gather Sacks as they fit perfectly inside them.

Big Softy cushioned baby play mats are extremely versatile! Designed for babes who need a safe, soft, easy clean surface at home and/or when out and about. Our Big Softy cushioned baby play mats have a waterproof cover that can simply be wiped clean. They're eco friendly, certified non toxic, easily transportable, and are an absolute baby MUST HAVE! 


Colour - Coconut Cream

Cover -  Water-based Solvent-free non toxic PU (polyurethane), SGS certified Vegan Leather

Filling -  Natural Latex Rubber- OEKO-TEX® certified (created using the energy efficient Dunlop process)

Size- ROUND 130cm diameter, 2.5cm width

PLEASE NOTE- The Big Softy cushioned baby play mat features a Child Safety Zip that requires a paper clip to open it.


Care Guide

Cover- The Big Softy cushioned baby play mat's Vegan leather cover is waterproof and can simply be wiped clean with a soapy cloth or baby wipe. They are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors but are not meant for prolonged periods in the sun or rain. Please bring inside when not in use. The Vegan Leather cover is waterproof however the zip and stitching are not, please do not submerge in water as the zip could allow water to seep inside, if this happens simply take the inner out of the cover and hang to dry in the shade. Dry thoroughly before putting away. Do not iron, machine wash or put in a clothes dryer.  Avoid permanent markers and similar products that may stain or permanently mark the leather. Take care when using sunblock as some sun blocks can stain. 

Natural Latex insert-  Your cushioned baby play mat insert should be constantly protected by its cover, if for any reason you need to take the insert out of the cover do not expose it to prolonged periods of sunlight because this will dry out the latex and cause it to become discoloured and brittle. If the latex rubber inner becomes wet, take it out of its cover and let it dry in the shade before putting it back inside its cover. Make sure both the inner and cover are completely dry before putting them back together.

Did you know we only use the best rubber in our cushioned baby play mats? Natural Latex rubber is harvested directly from trees. It is a sustainable resource because the tree does not have to be cut down to produce the latex 🌱


PLEASE NOTE- Vegan Leather does crease, creases will relax over time with use, but will reappear if the cushioned baby play mat is folded to store. Creases are a characteristic of vegan leather and not a fault.

PLEASE NOTE ~ Allergy Warning- Our Big Softy cushioned baby play mats contain natural latex rubber

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